Cold Weather

Cold weather is here!  Please be sure to dress students appropriately.  If your child does not have access to appropriate warm weather clothing, please contact our counselor, resources are available.  Below is an outline of our district policy on when we have indoor recess due to temperatures.

Cold Weather Outdoor Activity Guide

Following will be our expectation for buildings as well as our communication to parents when they call:

  • When cold weather is upon us, buildings will access accuweather for the area
  • If either the “real feel”(which takes into account both wind chill and solar heat) or the actual temperature is below 15 degrees, we will ask that you make accommodations to house students inside for recess and/or pe.
  • We also ask that staff carefully monitor students while outside and take necessary steps to ensure students are appropriately clothed/prepared for the cold weather play, watching for signs of frostbite and other cold-related issues.
  • Click on image:

Cold Weather Guide